Our Activities

All of the business we do as a company.

Custom Software Development and Web Design

You think or dream it, we'll help you to build it.

Systems Analysis, Maintenance and Support Services

We can help you set things up to run as smooth as possible.

Software Housing (On-Premises, Cloud or Hybrid)

We'll help you find the best place to put your apps & services.

Database Structure, Design and Conception

We can give you the best tips and advice on storing your data.

Data Analysis and Data Consulting

Need some extra insights? We can give you a fresh look at things.

Infrastructure Security and Maintenance Services

We can help you to keep your data safe and protected.


Other Services We Provide

Need something a litle less out of the box or a bit beyond standard and more commonly provided services?
As well as all of the above, we can also do



Custom Micro-Servers

You'd rather have an on premise server than use the cloud but don't want to dedicate too much space? Our micro-servers might be perfect for you!


Home & Office Automation

From home and workspace surveillance to setting up automated routines for your weekly online business meetings and more. We have you covered!



General & Specialised IT Consulting

Need some help and advice in making a decision related to your IT systems, be it software, hardware or strategy related? We can help you out!

Our Unique Offer

We Provide some Extra Services to our lovely clients

We value our customers and their loyalty, so we are happy to go the extra mile in helping them reach their project goals in the most efficient, secure and peace of mind way.

  • A single contact for the entirety of your project.
  • Up to 2 hours of free coaching.
  • Private and secure commuication channels.

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